Comparing Boxer Dogs to Other Breeds

All dog breeds have different physical and personality attributes due to both their genetic history as well as training methods / how they were taught to interact at a young age. This article is meant to give a summary of the differences a boxer dog owner may notice when comparing their boxer’s behavior to another family dog.


As stated many times on this website, boxers are a very affectionate breed – this affection comes out in the attitude they will display in your home.

Most boxers will prefer the physical company of humans – literally. Don’t be surprised if unlike your other dogs, the boxer will come and lay on your lap regardless of what it is you are doing. While this can sometimes be uncomfortable due to the boxer’s weight and size, you can’t help but smile when they rest their head on your lap and look up at you with their big eyes.


As with most large dogs, Boxers love to get exercise and play. Expect to play lots of tug games – a thick rope with a knot on one end can easily be a boxer’s favorite toy!

Boxers are also good retrievers – as with most intelligent breeds, they especially enjoy retrieval challenges which involve them to use multiple sense to find the thrown item. You can spend hours in parks with your boxer!

Attention to Dogs

Although not universal, most boxers will express interest in other dogs. As they are not an aggressive dog, you shouldn’t have to worry about your boxer barking or harming at the other dogs which they meet – unless they feel threatened by the other animal.

Boxers affection to humans is not limited to their owners; I’ve known boxers to be one of the friendliest breeds when meeting new people during a walk.

Attention to People

While all dogs raised in your house will likely develop characteristics which make them “one of the family”, boxer dogs will go the extra mile to ensure that your family is always safe and sound. Don’t be surprised if your boxer dog stays awake until the late hours of the night, waiting for you to return home so they know you’re safe. The boxer breed is very affectionate, and this is demonstrated by their desire to account for everyone in your family and ensure they are safe.

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