Adopting a Boxer

Adopting a boxer can be an enjoyable and gratifying experience – there are many organizations which cater to those looking to adopt a boxer to help guide you through the process. Some of the organizations listed on this page are US specific – if you are looking for a local alternative, you can either check with these organizations as some may have partners or affiliates with organizations in other countries, or check your local phone book and/or search engine.

American Kennel Club Boxer Section
The American Kennel Club (AKC) provides a universal dog rescue database which enables for the search for individuals to assist you in finding a local rescue group. The list includes individuals and organizations which are nominated by AKC club members in order to assist you in finding a reputable and trustworthy adoption or rescue organization in your area.

Boxer Rescue Foundation
The boxer rescue foundation is different from the AKC in that it was setup to provide financial assistance for individuals and firms which provide foster care for boxers. If you provide foster care for boxer dog, you can apply for grants from the BRF.
If you are a boxer owner, you can support the BRF in many ways. These include making direct donations, or purchasing boxer related merchandise from their e-commerce store, include stationary and magents.

Boxer Rescue Canada -
Boxer Rescue Canada helps facilitation the adoption of boxers all over Canada.

American Boxer Rescue Association -
The American Boxer Rescue Associations (ABRA) is one of (if not the) largest boxer rescues organizations in the United States. The ABRA is a non-profit organization whose goal is to encourage the rescue of purebred Boxer coordinating efforts among multiple boxer related stakeholders.
The ABRA provides guidelines by which boxer rescue organizations should function, as well as a list of organizations which they deem as sufficiently following those guidelines. You can be sure the boxer rescues listed on the ABRA are legitimate and safe organizations to work with.

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