The Boxer Dog Disposition and Temperament: A Clown and a Scholar

The disposition and temperament of the Boxer are when made the dog an American favorite. The dog is as unique as it is diverse in its mood and personality. There are many things to consider about this breed that have made it a wonderful companion, family dog, guard dog as well as working dog. When reading this, remember that all individual dogs are different and even though one Boxer may fit these guidelines to a T, another may not.

So you now have a Boxer, and he is bouncing off the walls, tearing up the couch and eating your shoes. This is no surprise to those that know that a Boxer is a very energetic and playful dog that needs a lot of exercise and stimulation to avoid nasty behaviors such as the ones above that come from the dob becoming bored. It may also be hard to break bad habits by punishing the dog, as they are headstrong and stubborn and may require positive reinforcement to get it through their thick heads! This dog can be eager to please so, it may be possible to train the dog with baiting as is often used in show rings.

You may notice that your Boxer is great with your kids, your neighbors, your Pompeian and your small puppy. Despite it’s tough body and face, Boxers are not aggressive dogs, but like all dogs need proper socialization. These dogs also do better if they do have a buddy, either a very attentive human or another Boxer or different kind of dog. This dog is also very attached to its family, and therefore makes an excellent guard dog.

While the Boxer wants to be entertained by you, you will most definitely by entertained by the Boxer. Describing a Boxer as animated hits the nail on the head, as you will agree when you see their wiggling, jumping, dancing playfulness. They have an uncanny ability to be goofy and make their humans laugh and enjoy their company. He will switch from this mode to sitting at attention with a very noble and loyal air to him that will make you wonder if this is even the same dog.

Boxer are notoriously clean and easy to take care of and may even allow your toddler to pull on its ears without a complaint. These dogs have a magically talent of knowing just the right amount of roughness they can display while playing with people of all ages.

Traits that should not be seen in the Boxer breed include shyness, aggressiveness, aloofness and hyperactivity. These may be signs of poor breeding and will want to avoid a Boxer that exhibits these traits as the dog may have other issues.

In summary, these dogs are simultaneously clowns and intellectuals. They are perfect for a family and enjoy the company of others. They are no aggressive, but can be stubborn and destructive if not given the correct training and amount of exercise. If these traits sound like what you are looking for in a dog, than the Boxer would be a great companion for you!

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