What Is A Boxer Dog?

They are a distinguished canine and the coolest, most lovable dog out there!
Boxers are a great all around breed.

They are a distinguished canine and the coolest, most lovable dog out there! It is a medium-built and strong breed that is so named because of its habit of standing on the hind legs to begin a fight and boxing with the front paws.

By nature, Boxers are working dogs. Throughout history it has been trained as:

- hunting dog
- police dog
- seeing-eye dog for the blind

- guard dog
- circus dog
- courier dog on the battlefields during World War I and World War II
- Fighting dog in the once popular sport of dog fighting.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) categorizes dogs into 7 groups:

* herding
* hound
* non-sporting

* sporting
* terrier
* toy
* working

And the largest breed registered in the working dog category is the Boxer.

No doubt the Boxer breed makes for great utility dog but the greatest advantage to owning one is that a Boxer can be your most outstanding companion on four legs and a great source of personal fulfillment.

By the way, the AKC registered over 150 different breeds totaling nearly one million dogs in 2003. To put that in perspective, the animal shelters in America rescue up to 12 million homeless dogs and cats every year and 25% of these are purebreds.

This little book is meant as a quick guide for Boxer owners like you to better understand your wisely chosen pet, how to take care and love it, make him happy, keep him healthy, so that he will better understand you and listen to you, love you and make YOU a better person during your incredible life journey together!

Devoted and glad owners of Boxers have come up with a long list of attributes and traits of their favorite pet that include:

* Alert
* Boisterous
* Boundless energy
* Brave
* Canine clown

* Courageous
* Devil dog
* Devoted
* Dignified
* Exuberance
* Family dog
* Fearless
* Friendly
* Hearing dog

* Highly trainable
* Intelligent
* Intuitive
* Keen judge of character
* Loving
* Loyal
* Patient with children
* People dog
* Poor swimmer

* Playful
* Quick learner
* Self-assured
* Smart
* Soulful
* Spirited
* Stoical
* Vigilant
* Working dog

* Wonderful pet

And you can add to the list...

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