What Makes a Boxer, a Boxer - Boxer Breed Standard Overview

The Boxer, a breed that is known for their temperament that makes it a great household pet, and also known for its show winning prowess. You may have had family boxers in the past, and are thinking of either breeding the boxers, or showing boxer. If this is the case, an important first step is to educate yourself about the breed standards. Knowing the breed standards will tell you what the AKC is looking for in the ideal dog of its breed. This is what dogs are judged against in shows, and often what registered breeders strive to breed to.

The Boxer Dog Disposition and Temperament: A Clown and a Scholar

The disposition and temperament of the Boxer are when made the dog an American favorite. The dog is as unique as it is diverse in its mood and personality. There are many things to consider about this breed that have made it a wonderful companion, family dog, guard dog as well as working dog. When reading this, remember that all individual dogs are different and even though one Boxer may fit these guidelines to a T, another may not.